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Smart buildings

The future is smart - we assist you in implementing new technologies in your building and integrate already existing systems.

Business intelligence

Be one step ahead with smart data – we provide you with the tools with which you have access to precisely that data that you need in order to be able to leverage the frequently still unused potential of your portfolio and use rooms more efficiently, as well as reduce costs.

Building consultancy

Improve the CO2 balance of your building or portfolio - we assess past and present energy data and, with an eye on utilities companies and energy invoices, develop an effective strategy for more sustained and cost-effective energy management.

Portfolio planning

Gather and analyse real time data for your industry, the market, location and workforce.

Property & asset management

Optimise costs and continuously improve and innovate your property and asset management services through process improvement, deployment of disruptive technologies and changes to operating models.

Workplace strategy

Redesign your working environments. We assist you in the process – with a workplace strategy tailored to your needs, which increases innovation and productivity.

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