Mattias Baggfelt

Head of JLL Debt & Financial Advisory

Mattias Baggfelt is the Head of JLL Debt & Financial Advisory Sweden, overseeing key operations and strategic initiatives within the department.

With an extensive background in finance and advisory services, Mattias brings a wealth of expertise to his role.

He is specialized in Debt Advisory, Interest Risk Management, and Derivatives Advice. Additionally, he also works on Corporate Finance transactions.

Prior to his time at JLL, Mattias was a partner and held various positions at AGL, an independent financial advisory firm that was acquired by JLL in 2015.

Having built a successful career spanning over almost three decades, Mattias Baggfelt is a highly respected professional in the real estate and financial advisory industry.

Mattias holds a Civilekonom degree in Economics with a focus on Banking and Finance from Uppsala University.