Client story

Creating a workplace
of the future to
support medical innovation

Global Biotechnology Company seeks to reconfigure space and reinvigorate employees.

Square Feet



Optimizing and reinvigorating the workplace to support medical innovation


1,500 employees


Sensor technology less expensive and more accurate

This innovative global biotechnology company realized they couldn’t continue to accommodate the rapid growth of employees using traditional workplace designs. Their vision was a proof-of-concept “workplace of the future” that would reconfigure 255,000 square feet of campus space, doubling their occupancy to allow for 1,500 employees instead of the 800 they had originally estimated. They also sought to gain more insight into their portfolio and better manage their real estate occupancy planning, with the ultimate goal of optimizing their workplace to support medical innovation.

Capturing space utilization in real time

We worked with their internal real estate strategy group to implement a successful Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) that would help them effectively manage their real estate occupancy planning with real-time access to quality data. Our team provided additional support by being on call for technical, reporting, and integration help as needed. Using IoT sensors and JLL’s Utilization Intelligence solution, we also performed utilization studies to assess their facility and determine how and when employees use the company’s space.

Reinvigorating an innovative culture

Our introduction of BI tools and occupancy sensors allowed this company to eliminate manual walkthroughs that were costly and not accurate. The sensors presented a story about how employees worked, at what time and for how long, capturing and recognizing patterns and gaining valuable insight into how to optimize space to maintain an innovative and engaging culture.

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Utilization Intelligence  

With clearly defined goals and a flexible utilization toolset at your fingertips, you’ll be well on your way to your highest workplace utilization IQ.

The Utilization Challenge

The average organization only utilizes 60%* of building space to its fullest potential, making the other 40% an opportunity. But your organization is anything but average.

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