A workout fit for home

Learn how one JLLer is helping to keep her colleagues healthy.

April 12, 2020

Urszula Świerzko isn’t taking her new work-from-home routine sitting down.

As a senior analyst for Business Solutions - Account Management Services in Warsaw, she’s also a trained fitness instructor. With JLL Poland’s office employees now working remotely, she’s taken her fitness classes online to help people stay fit as coronavirus disrupts their normal exercise routines.

“It’s really important that people don’t forget about their well-being during such a challenging time as regular exercise helps to relieve stress and improve overall health.”

More than 50 colleagues joined Urszula’s first training session, and it’s gained traction since.

“The most amusing aspect of classes is my red face talking to the webcam after we’ve finished the session! It contrasts so much with my corporate image that everyone knows,” she says. “Exercise also helps to bring people together and reduce loneliness. I think it helps that classes are run within JLL as it allows people to have more informal contact with their co-workers and have some common ground to chat about that isn’t coronavirus or work.”

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