The great escape: Making art together

30-minute art sessions help colleagues free their minds.

March 31, 2020

Weeks into working from home, Alex Luff was finding aspects of his new-normal challenging. And from chatting with colleagues, he knew he wasn’t alone.

So he created JLL’s 30-Minute Art Escapes, an online, shared art experience where staff come together once a week to paint or sketch a picture.

“To be completely absorbed in something creative, even if only for 30 minutes, can help free your mind and bring fresh perspective to any challenge or situation,” says Alex, a global marketing director in London.

Alex also invited the children and family members of JLL colleagues to share in the experience of creativity and escapism. The first session pulled in 50 participants who all stepped up to complete the brief: ‘A room with a view’.

“Hearing that people and their families from all over the world –from China to London –really enjoyed it made the shared experience feel all the more worthwhile.”

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