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New book “The Workplace You Need Now” helps organizations shape the future of work

JLL executives deliver a practical framework to plan, create and invest in a workplace optimized for business growth and success

October 27, 2021

Jesse Tron

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CHICAGO, October 27, 2021 – The workplace has never stopped evolving, but the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated many trends that are reshaping the world of work. Born out of the uncertainty that dominated the pandemic and the initial “return to office” conversations, a new book published today by Wiley aims to start a dialogue among C-suite leaders, managers, corporate real estate executives, property managers and individual workers about the evolution of workplaces. “The Workplace You Need Now: Shaping Spaces for the Future of Work” aspires to help organizations large and small envision human-centric, technology-enabled workplaces that drive productivity and foster greater well-being for their workforce.

Written by JLL executives and workplace experts Dr. Sanjay Rishi, Benjamin Breslau and Peter Miscovich, “The Workplace You Need Now” calls on decades of research and experience to help organizations determine the value and purpose of their workplace. Featuring real-world examples of leading companies including Microsoft, Leidos, Capital One, McDonald’s and many more, the book offers practical ideas for implementing cutting-edge workplace strategies.

“Mass disruption always fuels innovation, and the pandemic and larger threat of climate change are no exception,” said Rishi, CEO of JLL Work Dynamics, Americas. “Work itself is being redefined and the workplace must evolve along with it, moving away from a cost to emerge as a driver of brand, talent, culture and creativity—and a key means to achieve organizations’ sustainability goals.”

Rishi continued, “This shift won’t happen without careful consideration of every facet of the workplace, from where it is located, to how it is used and what technology powers it. This book is a guide for businesses of every size to find the solutions they need today that will put them on the path to future success.”

New workplace considerations for a changing workforce

The workforce is increasingly diverse, multigenerational, digitally native, on-demand and distributed around the world, yet the workplace still holds value for individual employees and employers. According to JLL research, 79 percent of global workers report a desire to come into the office at least some of the time.

What has changed is what employees desire from the office, with 73 percent seeking a destination for human connection, as well as a safe and healthy lifestyle, rather than simply a place to accomplish work tasks.

“The office is becoming one of many options in a workplace ecosystem, so time in the office must become more intentional, focused on high-value activities like in-person meetings, trainings and brainstorming sessions,” said Ben Breslau, Chief Research Officer, JLL. “Every organization will have to create a workplace strategy that balances organizational vision and operating frameworks with employee needs and unique work styles. We know that strategy must be fluid as these needs continue to evolve.”

Technology fuels the personalized, responsible and experiential workplace

People must be at the center of the newly reimagined workplace—including employees, customers and visitors—but technology will inevitably support the unique customization that makes the workplace work for everyone.

“The Workplace You Need Now” looks at how organizations can harness available technology to create workplaces that convey a sense of purpose and regard for corporate social responsibility, while being responsive to the individual needs of employees and putting people first.

“Technology is evolving to create a single, seamless experience for employees, allowing them to move among a number of work settings, personalized spaces, and working remotely as they continue to manage health and wellbeing while sustaining their work performance without disruption,” said Peter Miscovich, Managing Director, Strategy and Innovation, JLL, Americas. “Those organizations that plan for digital transformation with strong technology enablement will not only win today’s talent - but these leading firms will also be well positioned to take on the next wave of change with greater competitive advantage.”

The Workplace You Need Now” is available via all booksellers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. All proceeds from the book are being donated to Feeding America and UNICEF. For more news, videos and research resources on JLL, please visit our newsroom.

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