Heading back to the new normal

How colleagues in Milan are returning to work as JLL’s European offices reopen

June 16, 2020

From London to Berlin, JLL offices in Europe have now opened for the first wave of people returning after months of lockdown.

This includes the reopening of offices in Italy, one of the hardest-hit countries on the continent. Stefania Toffolo, procurement and office manager at JLL in Milan, was at the center of the effort to make people feel safe and welcome upon their return.

“After so long at home – it was still winter when Milan shut down – you really get the sense that people are happy to be back in their normal working environment,” she says.

As people return to offices, local authorities have put strict health and safety checks in place – much tighter than in other cities. Every day, employees have their temperature monitored at the entrance, and staff sit at well-spaced desks around the office.

“The centre of Milan is still very quiet and we’re still some way off that lively lunchtime vibe in the nearby restaurants and coffee bars. We’ve encouraged people to bring their own lunches in and eat in the courtyard. We’re all re-adjusting to this new office life.”

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